Kamprofile/Serrated Gaskets


    Recognized as a problem solver for heat exchangers, large vessels and equipment that experience excessive movement due to thermal expansion

    Provides one of the tightest seals combined with superior load bearing characteristics

    Consists of metal sealing core with or without guiding ring

    Sealing core is a solid metal gaskets with concentric serrations on both sealing surfaces

    Can also be faced with a soft material such as flexible graphite, PTFE etc depending on operating conditions

    KAMPROFILE gaskets are made in different materials and also in non circular shapes with extreme accuracy

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Plain Serrated Rings

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    Without a guide ring and suitable for tongue and groove, recess flange applications such as male and female.

    Typically used in heat exchanger applications and applied as an upgrade to double jacketed gaskets.

    They can also be laminated on both sides using soft material such as GRAPHITE, TEFLON, etc.


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    Comes with integral guide ring for aligning purposes.

    Suggested to be used in Raised face flanges.

    Can be manufactured to fit any standards.


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    These KAMPROFILE gaskets can be made with RIBS/PASSES with various styles as above mentioned in DJ gaskets.

    Find wide applications in HEAT EXCHANGERS.

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